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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Kenya: Beware of Nutty Boys!!

It was reported today that in Rift Valley area,Kenya. A 14 years old girl was killed by a hand grenade when she was given as a gift to take to her mother, and she was instructed to put it at her mother's belongings.

But the curious girl decided to open and see what was inside in the wrapped "gift" shortly after she left the "good and cheerful giver". What followed was a big BOOOOOOM, and she was wounded badly and died later.

It was said that her brother gave her that hand grenade as a gift to the mother. But earlier, the brother had a quarel with the mother, therefore he decided to finish the fight in that way. But very sad, the innocent girl was killed.

The boy is now under police custody for investigations!

Umh! Life is so cheap in some areas in Kenya!!!


Anya said...

Very touching story :(
Thanks for sharing the truth!!


The sad truth is that life is very cheap in very many places including Tanzania.:-(

Thom said...

Unfriendly world!
Simple family fight triggers bombings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nyahbingi worrior. said...

niliposema au kuandika ni heri kuishi na wanyama kuliko kuishi na binadamu wengi hawakuhua nazungumzia nini.

How can a son do this to his mother?