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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Grand Apology to USA from Toyota

It is known that in recent days, the greatest car makers in the world, the giant TOYOTA company of Japan suffered a big blow when its hybrid, prius, etios and prado diesel cars were found to have big defect on accelerator system. This made a thousnda of cars to be returned to Japan for overhauling and make the necessary changes.
Mr Akio Toyoda, the Toyota company chief who is also the grandson of Toyota company founder, speaking in Washington, he extends his apology to the families in US who lost their life due to huge deficit on their cars.
This measure was done to brush up the trade relationship between Japan and US so that to rebuild confidence between US consumers and car Makers in Japan.
There are still many questions regarding the defect in these cars, because no official statement has been given about the progress of defect repair.
Source: The Economic Times

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