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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Jumuiya Mpya ya Watanzania Mbioni Kuanzishwa

Nimepata habari hii kutoka kwa mdau mkuu wa blog.
Anapenda pia habari hii iweze kupeperushwa mahali popote panapofikika kwa wadau wote.

watakaopenda basi wawasiliane na wajumbe wa kamati ya maandalizi kama walivyo orodheshwa

Mkutano wa kuanzisha jumuia ya watanzania katika Jimbo la Gauteng

Watanzania waishio katika Jimbo la Gauteng (Johannesburg na Pretoria) wanatarajia kufanya mkutano wa kuanzisha jumuia yao tarehe 22 mwezi wa Agosti 2009 jijini Johannesburg. Mkutano huu utatoa fursa ya kujadili mambo mbali mbali yatakayohusu jumuia hii pamoja na kuchagua viongozi wa kudumu.Watanzania wanaoishi kwenye miji ya Johannesburg na Pretoria ambao wangependa kuwa wanachama na pia kushiriki kwenye uchaguzi wa uongozi wa jumuia wanakaribishwa kuwasiliana na wajumbe wafuatao kwa maelezo zaidi:

Brian Mshana
Laurean Rugambwa
Faustine Ndugulile


Wawaeza kutembelea Baraza lake hapa

I will be back very Soon!

I had a very busy schedules, in such a way I had a fear on every monitor!

I will be back very soon.....

Samahani kwa wote waliopitia hapa na kukuta nimelala usingizi.

Monday, 27 July 2009

President Sarkozy Collapsed while Jogging

French President Nicolas Sarkozy (54) collapsed while jogging yesterday morning on the lush grounds of the Chateau of Versailles.

He was then rushed to a millitary hospital by helicopter where was kept under cardiological observation in the Val-de-Grace military hospital overnight. The tests done to him were all reported to be normal.

French Health Ministry Roselyne Bachelot said Sarkozy had suffered a “small” vasovagal episode, which can be caused by strenuous exercise when it is very hot.

Eye witness walking in the gardens of the Sun King's palace leading to La Lanterne said he saw the President running with his body guards. He looked "tired and was almost dragging his feet" and suddenly fell over. His personal physician was around and he gave initial support. Information says he never lost counciousness.

Currently, he has been discharged from the hospital.

During his presidential campaign, Sarkozy pushed for greater transparency on presidential health bulletins, but his short hospital stay for a throat problem in 2007 was revealed only three months later.

Previous French presidents regularly concealed their health problems.
The French public learned that former President Georges Pompidou had bone marrow cancer only after he died of it, while in office, on April 2, 1974.

Former President Francois Mitterrand, who led France from 1981-95 and died of prostate cancer just months after leaving office, ordered his doctor to systematically falsify his health bulletins for 11 years.

Former President Jacques Chirac was hospitalized for a week at Val de Grace in 2005 for a vascular problem and officials never fully explained what was wrong.

Vasovagal episode can occur at any person especially when doing strenous exercises in particular to those who have tight schedules or they are extremely busy.
In some eye surgeries, which involve radical removal of the eyeball, may result this reflex, and usually eye doctors are are fully aware of this, and just before cutting the last "stalk", all precautions are taken. As rarely may lead into cardiac arrest.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Between Men and Women: Who is Smarter?

Thare has been a long debate concerning men and women itelligency, the question is ... who is more intelligent?

Up to now, there is no clear answer..., despite several studies based on IQ which were done in several areas, the results has never been accepted fully by both parties.

Up to the age of 14 years, the level of intelligence between male and female is the same, after that, .... is when the difference comes up.....

One thing which is obvious, men have been found to score high in IQ as compared to women. One study shows that in a group of 13 intelligent people, there are 11 men and 2 women.

Another study had similar results by finding that men are more intelligent than women by having high scores (Twice as much as women), but again at the group of lowest intelligence score, men outnumbered women by two folds, therefore they concluded that, men are either cleverer or ignorant. The average group was predominated by women.

Scientifically, researchers find that men and women differ in the areas activated with intellectual skill. Men have more gray (neuron cell bodies), whereas women have more white (neuronal processes)

Neuropsychologist have suggests that may be why men excel more at local processing (logic, convergent thinking), where as women excel at divergent, association, and integrative activities - like language.
For those who are more familiar with the Myers Brigg Type Indicator, it called to mind the finding that 65% of men were predominant 'Thinker' (logic, deduction, impersonal meaning) types, whereas 65% of women were predominant 'Feeling' (values, personal meaning) types.

My conclusion: Each one has more intelligence than the other, the question is what you are referring at.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

My thought today - Wazo langu Leo

Does... God was unfair!!
He creates ... some eat in order to live
And He creates others to live in order to eat!!!!.
Je ni kweli Mungu si muungwana!!!! Kaumba viumbe wengine wale ili waishi..... na wengine waishi ili wale.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Beliefs of Solar Eclipses

Total solar eclipse was not observed in Africa due to geographical position and time of eclipse.
In India, Japan and China it was total darkness for a period of about 4 minutes.

Solar eclipse has been associated with so many beliefs especially in Asian countries and partly in African countries.

In Asia, sometimes is associated with violence, ocean turmoir, disasters and so many beliefs.
In some African countries, they believe solar system is just gods roaming around the universe, and sun is one of the gods, and when eclipse come, it was assumed that the god was angry with the world, and people were preparing themselves for the disaster which will follow as punishment from the god.

In India, there are some people who still believe that on the day of eclipse, pregnant women should not be exposed to the sun, as they have belief that the unborn child will have physical defects.

But for foreigners who were exposed to the sunlight on the day of eclipse had never experience any abnormality to their newborns, which proves that this is just a false belief.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Dhana ya majinni na Mizuka

Leo nimeamua kumwaga habari ambayo watu wengi huwa wanaiogopa.

Nimepata changamoto ya kuandika habari hii hasa baada ya kuwauliza wafanyakazi wenzangu uwepo wa kiatu kimoja cha mwanamama kwa muda mrefu, nafikiri tangu nimekuja hapa Rwanda hicho kiatu nilikukuta katika chumba ambacho tunakitumia kwa uchunguzi katika kazi yetu.

Hakuna anayejua ni cha nani, na inaonekana hakuna hata mtu mmoja ambaye kama alikichukulia umaanani.
Mmoja alizungumza kama utani ya kuwa ..labda ni cha mzuka hicho....., tukacheka wote na kuendelea na kazi.

Nikatafakari sana na wakati wa mapumziko ya chakula cha mchana nikaamua kusaka habari za mizuka, mashetani na majinni katika mtandao.

Baada ya kusoma hapa na pale, nachoweza kusema ni kuwa habari za majini ni mkanganyiko tu, wapo wanaodai ni viumbe walioumbwa kama kioo (transparent), wengine wanadai wana ngozi laini kiasi kuwa hawezi kuonekana, wengine wanadai wapo wa aina 3 ati wapo wanaopaa na wako kama upepo tu, wengine wanakuja kwa mfumo wa wadudu wataambao kama majoka, nge nk na wengine wana maumbo yasioelezeka na wanaweza kutokea na kupotea.

Pia wanadai huwa yana uwezo wa kuzaana na pia kufa!

Pia wanadai huwa wana majina mbali mbali katika lugha ya kiarabu tutataja baadhi yake:

( a ) Jinni : Anapokusudiwa jinni tu. Na maana ya neno jinni ni kitu kisichoonekana au kilichofichika.
( b ) Aamir : Anapokusudiwa yule anaishi katika majumba ya watu.
( c ) Shetani : Anapokuwa na shari
( d ) Rauhaan : Yule anaewatokezea watoto
( e ) Afriit : Anapokuwa na nguvu za kupindukia

Habari iliyoniacha hoi kabisa, ni pale waliposema ya kuwa huwa yanatembea yamevaa kiatu kimoja tu!!

Ukipenda kusoma habari ya kufikirika, bofya hapa

Friday, 17 July 2009

With a light Moment

One of the prominent follower of this blog sent to me this.... I thought it is good to share with you

Sipho: Dad I want to marry Zandile

Dad: No ways my son, Zandile is your sister, her father was working inJHB so I had a relationship with her Mum and She gave birth to Zandile,but please don't tell your Mum.

Sipho: Okay Dad.

Six months later Sipho had courted another lady called Zingisa.

Sipho: Dad I have Zingisa now and I want to marry her

Dad: Son She is also my daughter, Her father was also working at the Mines so I pregnanted her Mum, please dont tell your Mum again.

Sipho had no other means but to let his Mum know about this

Sipho: Mum I wanted to marry Zandile but Dad told me that She is hischild, again I went to Zingisa, again He told me the same story, what ishappening?

Mum: Dont worry my Son, go on with your plans, you can marry whoeverbetween the two.

Sipho: How? I can't Mum coz they are both my sisters.

Mum: You are not his child; He used to sleep out so Damian ourneighbour is your father. Sipho fainted.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

What do men say about Women

They say many things

Women, are the neck, I am the one who thinks, but they are the ones who decide where should I look...

They are flowers of this world, once they fall off, they are different!!

Without my woman, I will be in a mess.......

They are easy to cheat, I can imagine ... cheating a man and when he discover later...., he will definitely slaught me, but women ... forgives!!!

They are like mobile phones, they make life more easy in communication, solve our unreachable problems, we love them, we like to touch them, we like to talk to them however we keep them in our pockets, and if you press the wrong button, you will be disconnected immediately!

Siku njema!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Intelligent guess!

It needs few minutes to think and give an intelligent guess....... no alteration or modification has been done to this anima.
Can you identify this animal, if yes just give its name.

"Miracle heart"

Wiki iliyopita nilitoa makala kuhusiana na upandikizaji wa moyo, na wiki hii nimepata habari ya mtu aliyeokolewa maisha yake kwa kupandikizwa moyo.
Pichani juu ni Hanna Clark ambaye ana miaka 16 sasa, binti huyu alipandikizwa moyo sambamba na moyo wake wa asili mwaka 1995 baada ya kuonekana moyo wake ulikuwa hauwezi kufanya kazi sawasawa hapo mwaka 1994, wakati huo akiwa na umri wa miezi 8 tu.
Siku zote amekuwa akiishi na mioyo miwili inayofanya kazi pamoja huku uliopandikizwa ukiwa ndani ya moyo wake wa asili uliokuwa umechoka.
Kutokana na madawa aliyokuwa anapewa kupunguza kinga ya mwili ili moyo aliowekewa usidhurike alipata saratani ambapo madaktari walilazimika kupunguza dawa zake ili saratani isisambae, na baadaye moyo aliowekewa ulianza kushambuliwa na mwili na kuanza kuharibika, lakini cha ajabu ule moyo wake wa asili ulikuja kugundulika kuwa ulikuwa umepona wenyewe na kuwa ulikuwa unafanya kazi vizuri kabisa na hata madaktari wake hawakutegemea.
Kwa sasa binti huyu anafanya shughuli zake kama kawaida ikiwa na baadhi ya mazoezi, na huku akiendelea na matibabu ya saratani
Najaribu kutafakari maendeleo ya sayansi katika fani ya tiba, kama angekuwa mitaa ya kwetu huku, labda watu wangekuwa wanakaribia kufanya kumbukumbu ya kifo chake miaka 16 iliyopita.
Tunahitaji kuwa wachangiaji wa viungo, kuna siku wajukuu zetu wataokolewa!!

Monday, 13 July 2009

The World's Ugliest Dog

Pabst on the photo above, on 28th June 2009, was declared the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog in a contest which was done at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California.
Pabst's owner took home $1,600 in prize money, pet supplies and a modeling contract with House of Dog.

Miss Ellie, a blind 15-year-old Chinese Crested Hairless, won the pedigree category.

Jamani wenzetu kama wamefikia hatua ya kufanya mashindano ya kumtafuta mbwa mwenye sura mbaya kabisa duniani…..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Without Women: Silent World

Constructive chat?!!

Does men likes to drink?!! and less time to talk/gossip!!
Today while I was listening to BBC Swahili service.........
"It has been found that on average, women talks about 7,000 words a day while men talks about 2,000 words a day".
Wow!!! I have no comment!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Upandikizaji wa Moyo katika Binadamu

Je unajua ya kuwa duniani kuna watu zaidi ya 800,000 ambao wamepimwa na kuthibitishwa ya kuwa mioyo yao ina matatizo ambayo hayatibiki kwa njia yoyote zaidi ya upasuaji wa kubadilishiwa mioyo hiyo na kuwekewa mingine (heart transplant). Hii ni mbali na wale ambao wako kwenye nchi ambazo hazina vipimo vya kutosha.

Na pia, kwa mwaka kuna wagonjwa 3,500 tu ndio hufanikiwa kufanyiwa upasuaji huo ulimwenguni kote ambapo moyo mpya huchukuliwa kwa mtu aliyekufa (allograft) na kuacha wosia kwamba viungo vyake vitumike kuwasaidia watakaohitaji, na ambao inasemekana unafanya kazi vizuri kwa takribani miaka 15. Kwa mioyo mingine itokayo kwa viumbe wengine (xenograft) na ya bandia, imekuwa haina mafanikio sana na hulazimika kutolewa na kuwekewa mwingine mapema zaidi.

Upasuaji wa kwanza wa kubadilisha moyo ulifanyika USA tarehe 23 jan 1964 wakati moyo wa sokwe ulipowekwa kwa mtu ambao ulidumu kwa dakika 90 tu, na ile ya kupandikizwa kwa moyo wa binadamu ilifanyika Afrika kusini tarehe 3 Dec 1967, na mgonjwa aliishi kwa siku 18 kabla ya kufariki kwa homa ya mapafu.
Ujumbe wangu kwako: Moyo hautengenezwi kiwandani. Tuwe tayari kujitolea mioyo yetu pindi tukikata kamba ili ambao wanahitaji waweze kupewa na kendelea kuishi!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Polygamy in Kenya

Photo: Akuku and part of member of his family

There are relatively many reports on Kenyan polygamy stories.
I am not sure if Kenya is among the top countries in polygamy in the world or is just the matter of interest to the most reporters.
Probably most attraction came from this extraordinary Kenyan patriarch, Ancentus Akuku (91), also known as "Danger", who lives in Homa Bay on the shores of Lake Victoria in western Kenya. He belongs to the Luo ethnic group, which permits polygamy. Akuku has married 130 women in 65 years, probably hold the Kenyan record for number of wives married, he also holds the record in divorces, as he divorced 85 wives over those years.
He has more than 160 children!
The family has built a school and a church for itself.
To sustain his marriage bond he said that "dictatorship and hard work" is required to make a polygamous family happy and productive. He said he was happy because "I have doctors, lawyers, teachers and pilots in my home. This is my greatest achievement, my source of joy,"
There are many reasons people justify polygamy, another kenyan but monogamous guy expressed his feeling for polygamy who confessed that he has only one wife: “Mimi namke mmoja. Lakini kwa mke mmoja ananifinya kwa sababu pengine hata anaweza kunifanya niwe na stress kila wakati. Saa ingine sasa kama nakuta amekasirika, inanilazimu hata mimi pia nikasirike. Sasa kutoka kazini nikimsalimia, yeye mwenyewe hajibu kwa hasira. Kama ningekuwa na bibi wengi, mimi mwenyewe hatungeweza kujibiana, ningehama hapo kwake pole pole niende hiyo nyumba nyingine. Hasira yake ikiisha, nirudi, hatungekuwa na shida.”
However, polygamy cannot be the answer to marital problems because leaving one wife’s house to go to the other’s does not mean that the problem with the first wife will solve itself.
In 2002, Sudan's President Omar Hassan al Bashir has urged Sudanese men to take more than one wife in order to double the country's population of 30 million ... 'We should achieve this aim by having many wives,' Bashir said." In other words, a man who hoards wives isn't selfish, he's patriotic!
Mambo mengi, naishia hapa. Nawatakia alhamisi njema!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Michael Jackson Funeral Service

Michael Jackson funeral procession

Crowd outside Staples Center before arrival of MJ casket

Michael Jackson's brothers push their brothers casket to the stage.

Yesterday, inside Staples Center arena, it was not spectacular, extravagant or bizarre. There were songs and tears but little dancing. Instead, Michael Jackson’s memorial was a somber, spiritual ceremony that reached back for the essence of the man.
At last, MJ fans had to agree that their beloved pop star has gone forever.
The ceremonies were aattended by thousands of people and millions watch through out the world. Probably, only John F. Kennedy, the former US president drew bigger population like the one which was observed on MJ Funeral day.

Where do you think Michael Jackson should be buried? At Forest Lawn amongst so many other late celebrities, or at his former home Neverland?
Until my last seconds of publishing this short remark, I had no idea!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Repatriation

Ngorongoro crater as seen from its rim.

The Tanzanian government has put up infrastructure at Oldonyo Sambu for more than 60,000 Ngorongoro conservation area residents to be relocated there in response to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) conditions for the site to remain in its heritage listing. This was said by the minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Shamsa Mwangunga.

She said Unesco's concern was that there had been increased human activities in the conservation area topped up with increased population, which were reportedly driving the world's heritage site to the brink of collapse.The Ngorongoro Crater area now has a human population of 64,842, more than twice the required number of 25,000 people that the eco-system can support.There are also 13,650, herds of cattle and 193,056 goats and sheep.

She added that Unesco stipulated that the ecological deterioration within Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) brought about by increased farming activities, infrastructural development and more than doubled number of residents with tripling herds of livestock had placed the area in a very awkward situation.

The international body opposes cultivation within the NCA, traffic congestion into the crater at the rate of 300 vehicles per day on average, major hotel constructions on the crater rim and mass tourism policy. Last year Ngorongoro received 425,000 visitors, previously the number averaged 350,000 per annum.

Experts believe this is unhealthy for the site's ecology."If Unesco axes Ngorongoro from the list of the World Heritage Sites, no tourists will come to visit the place again so it is important to comply with their guidelines," said Mwangunga.

The crater is also home to almost every individual species of wildlife in East Africa, with an estimated 25,000 animals living in the caldera.

Personally, I worked in Ngororongoro conservation area for 2 years from Dec. 1999 to Oct. 2001. The population by then was around 35,000 but I could sense the population density increasing from people coming outside Ngorongoro looking for job on booming building activities there. I had a chat by the then conservator about my worries and concern. But it was difficult and very sensitive issue to intervene by then because of electoral processes.

If you have never been in Ngorongoro, I urge you to visit this site at least once in your life time, you will never forget this beauty land of animals.


Monday, 6 July 2009

Paul Kagame: His Iron Palm to Defend Peace and Humanity in Rwanda

I admire President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.
He is a visionary man and always learns from others. He applies whatever has been done by other people provided he believes that is good for him and public image.

Last week was a Army week by which the Rwanda defense forces provided various humanitarian services to the community in need including medical care, construction work, animal husbandry etc to the people in need. This is another indicator that the Rwandan society has by far gone past conflicts for which it was originally famous for.

President Kagame, being the former senior military officer, he did not remain behind, instead he went in outskirt and involves himself on community work, I saw him and his wife participating actively in digging a trench for the foundation of house! Of course not a fully involvement, but who will sleep on bed while the president himself works?!!
When I saw him joining the forces on community work, it reminded me our former president, the late Mwalimu Nyerere who was a typical Mjamaa.

On Rwanda’s liberation day, I discovered that President Kagame admires very much the work which was done by Nyerere towards building unity in Tanzania, my calculations eventually got an answer.
Yes indeed, take all good ideas from other people and put into practice and ignore all those which they do not have any benefit to you.

Siku ya Kukumbuka Ukombozi wa Rwanda

Photo above: Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere

Juzi hapa Rwanda ilikuwa ni siku ya kukumbuka ukombozi wa Rwanda kutoka katika mauaji ya kimbari miaka 15 iliyopita.

Kwa kawaida kila mwaka hutolewa zawadi za kijadi kwa mashujaa wa Rwanda katika matukio mbalimbali. Mwaka huu ilikuwa ni tofauti kidogo, kwani mashujaa waliotoa mchango mkubwa katika kumaliza vita hivyo, nao walipewa nishani za heshima za uruti ambayo hupewa mashujaa waliotukuka wa Rwanda, na Umurinzi, ambayo ni kwa wale wanaoshiriki kikamilifu katika kampeni ya kutokomeza mauaji ya kimbari Rwanda.

Mwaka huu watu watatu wamepata nishani hizo akiwemo Waziri mkuu wa Ethiopia Menan Zenawi, Rais wa Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni na Hayati Baba wa Taifa, Julius Kambarage Nyerere ambaye nishani yake ilichukuliwa na mjane wake Mama Maria Nyerere
Kwangu nilijihisi kupata heshima kubwa pamoja na Taifa langu la Tanzania kwa wananchi wa Rwanda kutambua juhudi za Baba wa Taifa katika kwa kuwa mtu wa mwanzo kukemea mauaji yaliyokuwa yakiendealea Rwanda mwaka 1994 ingawa hakuwa kiongozi wa nchi.

Pia katika wasifu wake ambao ulisomwa kwa Kiswahili umeonyesha ni jinsi gani wanyarwanda wanavyomuenzi katika ukombozi wao. Pia waliwasifia sana watanzania kwa moyo wao mkarimu wakati wote walipokuwa katika hali ya ukimbizi, kiasi kwamba walijisikia kama wapo kwao, maana kulikuw hakuna ubaguzi wa aina yoyote katika elimu, matibabu mpaka na kazi.

Naye Yoweri Musevani katika hotuba yake fupi, mbali ya kueleza historia ya mapambano, na mchango wa Uganda, hakusita kuchukua sehemu ya hotuba yake kuishukuru Tanzania kama nchi pekee katika Afrika iliyotoa mazingira ya kiurafiki (non hostile environment) wakati wa tatizo la mauaji. Pia alielezea historia ndefu ya Tanzania katika kupambana ili kuleta Uhuru katika nchi z Afrika ikiwa ni pamoja na Uganda.

Paul Kagame wa Rwanda, naye alichukua nafasi ya hotuba yake kutoa shukrani zake za dhati kwa Nyerere na watanzania kwa ujumla.
Mpaka juzi asubuhi, sikuwa najua ni jinsi gani wanyarwanda wanavyowathamini na kuwaenzi watanzania katika ukombozi wao dhidi ya mauaji ya kimbari.

Friday, 3 July 2009

More Swine flu cases in Kenya and new in Uganda

Cartoon from realbigbuy

There is a great fear at Kisumu’s Alendu Primary School and surrounding areas where the 34 visiting British students from Nottingham University Medical School had toured, as they had played football and attended classes with the visitors.
It has been said (under the carpet) that 8 more Briton students tested positive for H1N1 virus making a total of 9.
Ministry of Public Health officials remained tight-lipped about the tests on Kenyan pupils and British students, but sources at the Kenya Medical Research Institute confirmed more people had tested positive.

Nottingham was declared a swine flu hot spot

At the same time, Uganda health authorities confirmed its first case of the disease. The victim had travelled from London to Kampala via Nairobi. It is not clear whether he had interacted with the public or not because government authority on its statement says he was detected at the Entebbe international airport on arrival and isolated.
However, now there is hoax email going on in Uganda about swine flu making people to panic dearly.

The country becomes the 11th African country to report the disease.
Click Here to read more.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Honduras. A Coup of its Kind

Last sunday President Manuel Zelaya (Photo above) was detained and sent to Costa Rica in a dispute over his push to allow a Honduran president to stay in power longer than that country's constitution allows.
It has been common for coup to take place while the president is out of country for official mission or detained in custody if is within the country.
Interestingly, The incumbent president Roberto Micheletti said shortly after he was sworn in as Honduran president that it is God's will for him to lead the country for the next 6 months
It is said that public support for Zelaya dropped as low as 30 percent recently and the interim government has said Zelaya has charges pending against him for violating the constitution, drug trafficking and organized crime. Zelaya has vowed to return to Honduras despite threats to arrest him if he does.

Teenager, survivor of Yemenia crash to Join His Father in France

Bahia Bakari, teenager who survived Yemenia crash in Comoros was due to be flown back to France to join her father

Her father, when interviewed, he recalled and said "When we arrived at the airport, I kissed both, then my wife turned around, she looked at me and she waved," he said. "That was the last time I saw my wife alive. My daughter never turned, and she went ahead...... I will see her again I hope, but for my wife it was the last time."

Doctors consider there is no problem for her to be repatriated" despite a broken collar bone and burns to the knee,

When she was asked what happend, it was difficult for Bahia to remember everything.

She said that, at a point in time, instructions were given to passengers to strap themselves in,".... "She said that afterwards, she felt something like electricity -- that was the term she used.
"And then, very quickly, she found herself in the water hanging on to a piece of the aircraft with which she struggled to stay alive for more than 10 or so hours."

When rescuers emerged in the clear light of day, she was too weak to react.
"We tried to throw a life buoy. She could not grab it. I had to jump in the water to get her," one rescuer told France's Europe 1 radio, saying that she was spotted bobbing in the middle of bodies and debris.

Click Here to read more

The first report that the survivor was 5 years old boy was not confirmatory report.