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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Preliminary Explanations on Dar explosions

Photo: Tanzanian soldiers carrying away one of the exploded missile.

Retired engineer and explosives expert Nebetus Nyamuga has said that the accidental blasts which occurred yesterday at a military base on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam were caused by dangerous trail bombs used in shooting down aircraft.

``These are most dangerous arms which are used to blow up speeding aircraft,`` Nyamuga said in an interview with `The Guardian`. ``These kinds of bombs do explode 15 years after their manufacture and some do explode earlier if they are not properly stored,`` he added.

According to the expert, trail bombs can only be safely destroyed in a place far from the armoury.
Source: IPP Media

Sex boycott in Kenya

Sex, money and power are said to make the world go round, especially when dealing with politicians who take people round in circles until they feel dizzy.

Kenyan women yesterday through special task G10 announced a 7 days sex boycott to any man in order to rise attention on the political turmoil between President Kibaki and premier Raila Odinga.

They said that sex is the only weapon which has strong impact on that issue which has been going on since the last election which Kibaki won by which only God knows how he won.

"The women’s voices must be heard," Mrs Odinga who support the move but not a G10 member said, adding: "The boycott is not a punishment, but rather an action to draw attention to the issue."

In recent days it has been said that President Kibaki has been doing various appointments without consulting his prime minister, and Premier was ironically furious when he addressed the public on the ongoing saga. Currently, there is misunderstanding on who should be the leader in parliament pertaining Government issues, where the President has officially appointed his vice president without the knowledge of Premier. The assembly speaker has decided to take over responsibilities as head of all issues related to parliament activities until this crisis has been solved. Click here to read more.

Toilet Membership

Membership!! "To use a shack"

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


German has more than 15,000 gun clubs with more than 1.5 million members.

It is the ranked 4th in the world for having civilian firearm-holding nation. The other top countries are the USA, India and China.

It is said there are about 40 millions guns in Germany but only 25% are legally owned.

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Mental illness churches in Ghana

Ghana is one of West African country believed to have strong Christian belief, and there is a trend of changing from the western type of Christian doctrine to African Christianity in terms of religious belief and forms of expression. The self-confidence of Ghanaians in finding their own Christian way of worshipping God is illustrated even more clearly by the “healing” and “spiritual” churches.

The diseases which are not easily treated or which need life-long treatment are believed to be treated by some pastors famously known as the Okomfo.

Pastor Christian is famous for treatment of mental illness by prayers. Those patients brought agitated are chained and immobilized. Extended prayers is the only treatment they are given.
Some curious journalist when visited his mental prayer hospital/church, they found some naked ladies lying on the floor and chained. Fr Christian he said they are naked because they tore apart their clothes! He further said they will be better after 3 days of prayers.

There was another guy who claimed that he went to Dusini (traditional herbalist) because of psoriasis, when he failed to heal, he demanded his money back, and Dusini called people, he was then sent forcefully to Okomfo and chained!

Ghanaian health official cannot do anything as there is no National bill to prohibit these acts.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Tony Blair, the former British Premier has launched his religious foundation named Tony Blair Faith Foundation. The head quarter is based in London. After launching, he had an interview with journalists by which he said religious faith is essential in the 21st globalised world.

The main goal for his foundation is to influence the world that religious faith is the right direction for all people, and that religion should not be perceived as that presented by fundamentalists, but rather an essential element on daily living by which ia a tool to help people understand each other and live together in peace and harmony. He has a belief that faith plays a great role in building a compatible relationship in society, politics and culture.

Currently his foundation is conducting international/conceptual debate among youths from different religious faiths including Muslims, Christians, Jewish and others. On debate they are trying to teach “proper religious faith”, according to Blair, he says the debate is very exciting.
His foundation will give out high quality faith materials which will give better understanding the conceptualization of religious faith in real life of globalization.
Another basic aim of his foundation is to give strength in combating deadly malaria disease which claims high mortality in developing world.
This foundation comes as a surprise to many people, as when he was a prime minister he hardly mentioned the name God, and in fact he was trying to avoid, I still don’t understand where he got that idea, or what is he trying to do now. Is it a hidden agenda or some sort of a camouflage!
To get more information about this foundation, click this website

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Deadly swine flu in Mexico

Death of 68 peoplehas been reported in Mexico and hundreds infected by a strain of deadly virus affecting animals. USA has also been affected by which 6 people were infected in California and 2 in Texas, but all recover not like in Mexico where it was found that 60% of those infected died.
WHO issue a warning that this disease might turn to be pandemic if no appropriate measures are going to be taken.
Mexico authorities announced closure of all schools and public gatherings to reduce risk of more infections and to vaccinate in particular children.

Click here to get more information.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Fascinating Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful country. Infrastructure has been improved significantly for the past 15 years. You cannot imagine that it was in massive massacres before. Love is a predominant feature you will find among Rwandans.

Among ”fascinating” things I have discovered in some Rwandans, probably peculiar in the world are:
People can request a lift on commercial public transport and accepted, like city buses. When you hire a taxi, don’t be surprised people to come to your taxi driver and ask a lift while you are ignored, and of course a driver will offer them a lift without your permission despite that you will be the one paying (it happened to me more than once).

Some bank clerk can spend more than 30 minutes attending one client with simple transactions which at home hardly takes 5 minutes, and yet other clients don’t complain, but I was told that according to Rwandan traditional values “it is bad to complain”!!!

If you meet somebody whether you know him/her or you don’t, the greetings has to be by handshake, if you don’t, it signify hatred, and if someone you know him/her very well, then you must hague and gives each other three kisses on cheeks. Don’t be surprised if your way is blocked by friends when they meet along the road and greet each other, just pray they will not be more than 5, as all have to be treated the same way. Aye, greetings can take even 5 minutes or more if the group is big, even in the middle of supermarket, just find your way outer there otherwise......

Now, there are several workshop conducted to different firms especially those dealing with customers to improve hospitality and customer care.

This is a normal respectable phenomena for people who like each other here. I was on my way home after long working day and I met these "friends" also from work heading home.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mungiki suspects killed


A mother mourns the death of her son who was among the suspects of Mungiki gang in Kenya

29 people suspected to be the gang members of Mungiki, were brutally killed in the Karatina village in central Kenya yesterday. It was said, they were killed by members of public after being snatched from organised house to house search.

Mungiki gang is known to harass people especially women in Kenya, and it has been said that, this gang usually put road blocks and demand people to pay "taxes". It is further said that, they are involved in killing by slaughtering people when they refuse to comply with their demands.

It has been speculated that there are some Kenyan politicians who supports this gang for their political interests.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

"Quote of the day"

My name is Van... I am 4 years old and I live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
My message today is "please love all children equally. Give them happiness and joy".

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

House with a pool to let / for sale at Msasani

15 meters x 8 meters pool
3 Bed rooms with cherry wood kitchen
1 Bathroom and passport size iron sheet tinted toilet
Lounge/dining room built under the tree with cool breeze
Double garage and massive yard
Near bus stage
Available from 15th April 2009
Location: Msasani close to Shoppaz plaza
Price: Negotiable
Somebody sent this to me for funny advertisement!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Current Christian worship

It seems many people are no longer or deeply involved in religious matters, and yet new churches emerges as the last days are approaching (for those who believe like that).

Some churches have made new strategies to attract new believers.

In Kenya, the Mavuno Dom or Mavuno Church modified the way of worshipping in order to attract in particular youths to join their church by preaching the word of God very briefly, like 5 minutes, then spend more time in playing gospel songs which has modern tune that resembling all sorts of new musics you know (including ndombolo ya solo), which are favourites tunes for the youths. And they say youngsters are tired with old tunes, that is why they dont go to worship God. Also they spend some minutes discussing about new cars model, houses, jobs etc and the right way to get them without commiting sins.

In USA, another church sent an application to conduct Easter mass at the bar aiming at attracting walevi (drunkards etc) to listen to the word of God and eventually join the church, as well to cast out satan who led them to be walevi wa kupindukia. I am not sure if they succeded to be offered a bar space, as it was speculated the waiters/waitresses were eagerly waiting for the church service so that they can sell more Kinywaji (alcohol) to service attendee.

I wish you a " blessed Easter"!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Medical importance of Leeches

Leeches (known as LUBA in swahili language) are 'worms' with suckers on each end, there are about 600 different species, by which 15 of them are of medicinal importance. They have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries now, however the use has been increased dramatically nowadays especially in developed world.

They live anywhere in water collection. They usually feed (Blood sucking ones) after puncturing the skin and use teeth to hook and suck considerable amount of blood, thus do not feed frequently. The first meal for the maggot stimulate growth of teeth from the observation of those who harbours leeches for multiplication. But in nature, it is yet to be known how do they develop teeth.

During the bite, leeches secretes saliva which has a complex mixture of different biologically and pharmacologically active substances into the wound. Hirudin is the best known component of leech saliva which has a large role in medicine.

The general indications for leech therapy are: Inflammatory Reactions, Heart Diseases (heart attacks and strokes), Rheumatic Diseases, Tendovaginitis and Tendinitis.
Others includes Venous Disease and Varicose Veins, Arthrosis, Arthritis, Muscle Tension, Antidyscratic therapy (blood purification and regeneration) of toxicoses as well as mental illnesses.
Thrombosis and embolism, Passive congestions and spastic conditions, Vertebrogenic pain syndromes, transudates and exudates are also treated with leaches.

They have one important advantage, no known side effects as compared to other alternative medicines.

Personally, I have encountered leeches in 2 occassions, it was a frightening moment when I was at the age of 7 years, while swimming, I noted a worm-like creature stuck on my toe, which I fail to remove, I had to ran out of water and someone put a cigarette over it, it suddely leaves me and went off. 2nd occasion occured when I was working in water on my teens, and I had a terrible cut wound from sharp stone in water following an anaesthetic bite from leech (was a shock after observing I was bleeding underwater while something brown clugged my skin at bleeding site), surprisingly that wound healed very fast within few days without any treatment. I never knew anything about those "frightening" creatures by then. So, I decided to share with you little knowledge I know now about leeches.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Rwanda Genocide Remembered

Today Rwandans has gathered for the 15th anniversary of the April Tutsi genocide.
It is the beginning of events for the whole week that will reflect not only what happened between 1990 and 1994, but also the best way to reconcile and make sure it will never happen again.
Among people who attended the anniversary, was Mrs Blair, the wife of former Prime minister of England, Tony Blair.
The anniversary was led by President Paul Kagame. The event was conducted at different sites, but interestingly, all sites at 12 noon, all activities were halted for one minute, including speeches, and people had to stand to give respect to the deceased.
Thereafter, everything went on as planned. At the site where I attended, (had several hundreds people) the anniversary continued by following the speech of the president through the media, and when he concluded, we all dispersed in peace and harmony but in sorrow.

All public and private activities were suspended until late in the afternoon after the conclusion of anniversary. However, those resumed, were more of public transport and petrol stations, otherwise most services remained closed. For the next 7 days, it is expected to be devoid of all celebrations, however work will continue as usual from tomorrow.

Uganda Territory Expanding?!!

People who follows history, have come into conclusion that Ugandan leaders have a common vision and interests, they like to expand the boundary of their country.
Iddi Amini at one time he claimed that part of western Kenya used to be part of Uganda, and was willing to reclaim that land. Kenya responded by closing the border immediately, and Uganda suffered a lot because was dependant of Kenya for imports including petroleum as it is a land locked country.
Iddi Amin again invaded Tanzania with same claims, he ended up by being overthrown by Tanzanian army following nearly one year war.
In few years ago under Museveni rule, people of Uganda removed most of international border beacons between Uganda and Tanzania extending their territory to Tanzania. This was quickly reacted by new survey and re instate of the removed beacons.
Now there is a fight for tiny islands named Migingo in Lake Victoria between Uganda and Kenya.
I do not know much about those tiny fishing islands, but lets hope it is not the same scenario.
I am afraid too, that in future Uganda will start claiming some air space above their neighbours belongs to them!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Uganda Oil Wealth

Uganda is a "relatively" quiet country, Joseph Kony and his satanic movement named Lord's Resistance Army make the "seen crimes" to the country.
The unseen crimes are made by those who were given mandate by people to represent them in the governing positions to steer up their development. But this has not be so in Uganda.

To speak the truth, Ugandans they dont need to celebrate the discovery of black gold in their country, I am sure they will agree with me, that since it was announced that there is plenty of blackgold, nothing has been announced officially that so and so has been found. It has been said that the oil wells has been seized by the superpowers, the esteemed family of the president, Museveni's family owns the oil wells, and NOT the Ugandan government on behalf of the people of Uganda as most peoples' imagination.
Uganda government will benefits only from normal tax which will be paid by Museveni's company, and all wealthy will go to his esteemed family. Hoping that there will be no exemptions for the first 10 years to attract oil "investors" in order to recover cost of setting the wells, donations to local communities and endless blah blah blah.

Source: Radio Katwe