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Monday, 13 April 2009

Current Christian worship

It seems many people are no longer or deeply involved in religious matters, and yet new churches emerges as the last days are approaching (for those who believe like that).

Some churches have made new strategies to attract new believers.

In Kenya, the Mavuno Dom or Mavuno Church modified the way of worshipping in order to attract in particular youths to join their church by preaching the word of God very briefly, like 5 minutes, then spend more time in playing gospel songs which has modern tune that resembling all sorts of new musics you know (including ndombolo ya solo), which are favourites tunes for the youths. And they say youngsters are tired with old tunes, that is why they dont go to worship God. Also they spend some minutes discussing about new cars model, houses, jobs etc and the right way to get them without commiting sins.

In USA, another church sent an application to conduct Easter mass at the bar aiming at attracting walevi (drunkards etc) to listen to the word of God and eventually join the church, as well to cast out satan who led them to be walevi wa kupindukia. I am not sure if they succeded to be offered a bar space, as it was speculated the waiters/waitresses were eagerly waiting for the church service so that they can sell more Kinywaji (alcohol) to service attendee.

I wish you a " blessed Easter"!

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