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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sex boycott in Kenya

Sex, money and power are said to make the world go round, especially when dealing with politicians who take people round in circles until they feel dizzy.

Kenyan women yesterday through special task G10 announced a 7 days sex boycott to any man in order to rise attention on the political turmoil between President Kibaki and premier Raila Odinga.

They said that sex is the only weapon which has strong impact on that issue which has been going on since the last election which Kibaki won by which only God knows how he won.

"The women’s voices must be heard," Mrs Odinga who support the move but not a G10 member said, adding: "The boycott is not a punishment, but rather an action to draw attention to the issue."

In recent days it has been said that President Kibaki has been doing various appointments without consulting his prime minister, and Premier was ironically furious when he addressed the public on the ongoing saga. Currently, there is misunderstanding on who should be the leader in parliament pertaining Government issues, where the President has officially appointed his vice president without the knowledge of Premier. The assembly speaker has decided to take over responsibilities as head of all issues related to parliament activities until this crisis has been solved. Click here to read more.

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