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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Uganda Territory Expanding?!!

People who follows history, have come into conclusion that Ugandan leaders have a common vision and interests, they like to expand the boundary of their country.
Iddi Amini at one time he claimed that part of western Kenya used to be part of Uganda, and was willing to reclaim that land. Kenya responded by closing the border immediately, and Uganda suffered a lot because was dependant of Kenya for imports including petroleum as it is a land locked country.
Iddi Amin again invaded Tanzania with same claims, he ended up by being overthrown by Tanzanian army following nearly one year war.
In few years ago under Museveni rule, people of Uganda removed most of international border beacons between Uganda and Tanzania extending their territory to Tanzania. This was quickly reacted by new survey and re instate of the removed beacons.
Now there is a fight for tiny islands named Migingo in Lake Victoria between Uganda and Kenya.
I do not know much about those tiny fishing islands, but lets hope it is not the same scenario.
I am afraid too, that in future Uganda will start claiming some air space above their neighbours belongs to them!

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