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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Uganda Oil Wealth

Uganda is a "relatively" quiet country, Joseph Kony and his satanic movement named Lord's Resistance Army make the "seen crimes" to the country.
The unseen crimes are made by those who were given mandate by people to represent them in the governing positions to steer up their development. But this has not be so in Uganda.

To speak the truth, Ugandans they dont need to celebrate the discovery of black gold in their country, I am sure they will agree with me, that since it was announced that there is plenty of blackgold, nothing has been announced officially that so and so has been found. It has been said that the oil wells has been seized by the superpowers, the esteemed family of the president, Museveni's family owns the oil wells, and NOT the Ugandan government on behalf of the people of Uganda as most peoples' imagination.
Uganda government will benefits only from normal tax which will be paid by Museveni's company, and all wealthy will go to his esteemed family. Hoping that there will be no exemptions for the first 10 years to attract oil "investors" in order to recover cost of setting the wells, donations to local communities and endless blah blah blah.

Source: Radio Katwe

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