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Friday, 24 April 2009

Fascinating Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful country. Infrastructure has been improved significantly for the past 15 years. You cannot imagine that it was in massive massacres before. Love is a predominant feature you will find among Rwandans.

Among ”fascinating” things I have discovered in some Rwandans, probably peculiar in the world are:
People can request a lift on commercial public transport and accepted, like city buses. When you hire a taxi, don’t be surprised people to come to your taxi driver and ask a lift while you are ignored, and of course a driver will offer them a lift without your permission despite that you will be the one paying (it happened to me more than once).

Some bank clerk can spend more than 30 minutes attending one client with simple transactions which at home hardly takes 5 minutes, and yet other clients don’t complain, but I was told that according to Rwandan traditional values “it is bad to complain”!!!

If you meet somebody whether you know him/her or you don’t, the greetings has to be by handshake, if you don’t, it signify hatred, and if someone you know him/her very well, then you must hague and gives each other three kisses on cheeks. Don’t be surprised if your way is blocked by friends when they meet along the road and greet each other, just pray they will not be more than 5, as all have to be treated the same way. Aye, greetings can take even 5 minutes or more if the group is big, even in the middle of supermarket, just find your way outer there otherwise......

Now, there are several workshop conducted to different firms especially those dealing with customers to improve hospitality and customer care.

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