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Monday, 27 April 2009

Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Tony Blair, the former British Premier has launched his religious foundation named Tony Blair Faith Foundation. The head quarter is based in London. After launching, he had an interview with journalists by which he said religious faith is essential in the 21st globalised world.

The main goal for his foundation is to influence the world that religious faith is the right direction for all people, and that religion should not be perceived as that presented by fundamentalists, but rather an essential element on daily living by which ia a tool to help people understand each other and live together in peace and harmony. He has a belief that faith plays a great role in building a compatible relationship in society, politics and culture.

Currently his foundation is conducting international/conceptual debate among youths from different religious faiths including Muslims, Christians, Jewish and others. On debate they are trying to teach “proper religious faith”, according to Blair, he says the debate is very exciting.
His foundation will give out high quality faith materials which will give better understanding the conceptualization of religious faith in real life of globalization.
Another basic aim of his foundation is to give strength in combating deadly malaria disease which claims high mortality in developing world.
This foundation comes as a surprise to many people, as when he was a prime minister he hardly mentioned the name God, and in fact he was trying to avoid, I still don’t understand where he got that idea, or what is he trying to do now. Is it a hidden agenda or some sort of a camouflage!
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Anonymous said...

I think is one way of keeping himself busy and forget bad memmories he had during his leadership