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Friday, 17 July 2009

With a light Moment

One of the prominent follower of this blog sent to me this.... I thought it is good to share with you

Sipho: Dad I want to marry Zandile

Dad: No ways my son, Zandile is your sister, her father was working inJHB so I had a relationship with her Mum and She gave birth to Zandile,but please don't tell your Mum.

Sipho: Okay Dad.

Six months later Sipho had courted another lady called Zingisa.

Sipho: Dad I have Zingisa now and I want to marry her

Dad: Son She is also my daughter, Her father was also working at the Mines so I pregnanted her Mum, please dont tell your Mum again.

Sipho had no other means but to let his Mum know about this

Sipho: Mum I wanted to marry Zandile but Dad told me that She is hischild, again I went to Zingisa, again He told me the same story, what ishappening?

Mum: Dont worry my Son, go on with your plans, you can marry whoeverbetween the two.

Sipho: How? I can't Mum coz they are both my sisters.

Mum: You are not his child; He used to sleep out so Damian ourneighbour is your father. Sipho fainted.


Fadhy Mtanga said...

Jesus Christ..! Does it reflect the reality in most families?

Anonymous said...

He, hiyo ni kali

Yasinta Ngonyani said...

Ni kweli hii ni kali mno :-(

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Always a moral stand, for a child his mother was safe, in some cases the father may be a variable!

Good week incoming, Chib


kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...

lovely, If we trace more, we might know each one's father, even Jesus' true un known father, Chib; can u investigate on that please?

zedmagel said...

Hello Chib,

What is the moral of the story for visitors? Make They will think a lot of the story than.

chib said...

Zedmagel, This is just .... well at the light moment, it was meant for fun, especially after hard and tiresome work, ha ha haa

Kamala, for Jesus, I cant, it is as if you are telling me to count the sand at the base of Atlantic ocean :-)

Thanks all contributors!