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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Between Men and Women: Who is Smarter?

Thare has been a long debate concerning men and women itelligency, the question is ... who is more intelligent?

Up to now, there is no clear answer..., despite several studies based on IQ which were done in several areas, the results has never been accepted fully by both parties.

Up to the age of 14 years, the level of intelligence between male and female is the same, after that, .... is when the difference comes up.....

One thing which is obvious, men have been found to score high in IQ as compared to women. One study shows that in a group of 13 intelligent people, there are 11 men and 2 women.

Another study had similar results by finding that men are more intelligent than women by having high scores (Twice as much as women), but again at the group of lowest intelligence score, men outnumbered women by two folds, therefore they concluded that, men are either cleverer or ignorant. The average group was predominated by women.

Scientifically, researchers find that men and women differ in the areas activated with intellectual skill. Men have more gray (neuron cell bodies), whereas women have more white (neuronal processes)

Neuropsychologist have suggests that may be why men excel more at local processing (logic, convergent thinking), where as women excel at divergent, association, and integrative activities - like language.
For those who are more familiar with the Myers Brigg Type Indicator, it called to mind the finding that 65% of men were predominant 'Thinker' (logic, deduction, impersonal meaning) types, whereas 65% of women were predominant 'Feeling' (values, personal meaning) types.

My conclusion: Each one has more intelligence than the other, the question is what you are referring at.


Bwaya said...


Interesting subject. I acknowledge your references which seem to disagree with mine to explain the phenomenon. The ones I have, suggest different conclusion.

Some studies found that women do better that men of the same age when it comes to intellectualism. My worry stands at the sciencific explanation you refered.

Yet, I do not fully know why scientists differ in their conclusions, since each claim to be emperical.

I guess, in most cases, answers are known before the field work.

Besides, I personally think women as intellectually superior to men given similar variables. They perform poorly as a result of social upbringing and stereotyping.

Thats my unresearched take. Thanks Chib!

Fadhy Mtanga said...

I read a book WHY MEN LIE AND WOMEN CRY in 2006, which tries to explain those differences scientifically. Let me read it again to broaden my knowledge.
But in The Language of Tears, Jeffrey A. Kottler explains that women are far more fluent than men in the language of tears.
That girls are predisposed to verbalize language earlier than boys.

Girls learn to explain feelings with words; tears and gestures whilst boys learn to express thenselves through behavioral action. They express feelings primarily related to autonomy ana separation (pride, anger and honor) whilst women's expressions are related to social bonding (guilt, shame, sadness, pity and fear)

When it comes to intellectualism, I need to read more to get satisfied.

That's all.

Bwaya said...

The book sounds worthy getting and contented. Where did you find it Fadhy?

I'd love to read it

kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...

it depends on who is researching. if he is a man who loves women, the they are very intelligent. but if he is a man who is always heart broken and take to court, should pay fines, the all women are the situpidiest than men




I think I have met both men an women who are smarter than me. And I suspect I have also met the reverse of that too and for a second I felt smarter.

Well, then again it depends on what my point of reference is.:-(