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Friday, 3 July 2009

More Swine flu cases in Kenya and new in Uganda

Cartoon from realbigbuy

There is a great fear at Kisumu’s Alendu Primary School and surrounding areas where the 34 visiting British students from Nottingham University Medical School had toured, as they had played football and attended classes with the visitors.
It has been said (under the carpet) that 8 more Briton students tested positive for H1N1 virus making a total of 9.
Ministry of Public Health officials remained tight-lipped about the tests on Kenyan pupils and British students, but sources at the Kenya Medical Research Institute confirmed more people had tested positive.

Nottingham was declared a swine flu hot spot

At the same time, Uganda health authorities confirmed its first case of the disease. The victim had travelled from London to Kampala via Nairobi. It is not clear whether he had interacted with the public or not because government authority on its statement says he was detected at the Entebbe international airport on arrival and isolated.
However, now there is hoax email going on in Uganda about swine flu making people to panic dearly.

The country becomes the 11th African country to report the disease.
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Anonymous said...

I read the article, who said you are immune if you dont eat pork!
Naona huyo cartoonist alitaka kufurahisha watu.
Habari ya mafua ya nguruwe inatisha sana!

kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...

hongera kwakubadili komment systen kutoka kwenye pop up window, ilikuwa inakera.

hata mimi sili hao wadudu na hivyo kukaa mbali nao nidili! kuleni na mshibe vijana


Ngojea tu sasa hivi na ugonjwa wa mdondo wa kuku ukianza kunyemelea watu, Watu tutakavyoshikana uchawi!:-(

Anonymous said...

Huyo rasta ana matatizo