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Monday, 8 February 2010

Body Found in Delta Airlines Aircraft

A body of a man was recovered from the landing gear from Delta aircraft travelling from New York to Tokyo.

The body was discovered by maintanance worker in the landing gear storage compartment which usually has a room enough to fit a human being.
Japanese airport police said that there were no any injury to the body except some traces of frostbite suspected to occurs while the aircraft was airborne

There were no any identification or baggage with the body, therefore Japanese authorities has appealed before US authorities to assist in identification.

This is not the first time people to be found dead in the landing gear compartment in particular to the stowaways. Lack of oxygen and freezing temperatures are the main causes of deaths to "such mode of travelling"

My question is ..... how does these people manage to board unnoticed!!

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Dede said...

That would be one of the questions that I would too ask. How did he get that close to the plane from the tarmac without having airport ID and no one noticed him? Lots to say about airport security in New York. Thanks for sharing this.


Candy1 said...

duh...."mode of transport"??? is fascinating what us humans can think of....


Nakaa mkao tofauti kidogo na swala.

Hii stori imenikumbusha sana nilivyokuna kichwa mara ya kwanza wakati najifunza ung'eng'e kuelewa kwanini matairi ya ndege yanaitwa GIA (landing gear) wakati miye nilisha zoea GIA ina muonekano kama wa kirungu cha Nyerere kwenye gari aina ya PIJO.(a.k.a Car gear stick) :-)

kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...


mumyhery said...

Duh mkuu kweli hii kitu imetokea hapo tokyo ila uchuguzi bado haujakailika, je ilikuwaje?