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Monday, 15 February 2010

Congo D.R. Prisoners Hold Captives, Local Community hold Prisoners

This is only possible in Congo - Kinshasa

The fight erupted between prisoners and local population near Kisangani following local community to do fishing at a river which courses near one prison in Eastern Congo.

The fight erupted when the local community were caught fishing on the river claimed to belong to the nearby prison. Fishing activities in that river usually is done by women.

Noises alerted member of the community forcing them to go to the scene to defend their fellow villagers which provoked prisoners too to swarm the area to protect their fellow prisoners. At the end of the day 2 pregnant women and 5 children were held by prisoners as captives in the prison and 2 prisoners were held as captives too by the local community.

Local government authorities have urged prisoners officers to ensure protection of the captives in the prison and calls for reconcilliation to releases all captives from each side safely!!

Confirmation of this saga has not been done by relevant authorities, but it is a fact!

Hivi ingekuwa Bongo, mfungwa atekwe nyara na wananchi, huyo mfungwa angekuwa na wasiwasi au ndio angechekelea?!!


Anya said...

Really touching story !!!!
Thanks for sharing ...

kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...


kuna tofauti gani kati ua mfungwa na askari magereza????
mfungwa anapewa adhabu ya kufyeka majani wakati wa jua kali, askari magereza anamsimami kwenye jua kali, bora mfungwa kuliko askari aliyewima na jua au mvua vinamkongoli vipendavyo

so sio wafungwa hao