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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

When a Footballer Receive 4 red cards in One Game!

This is interesting story!!
Ricky Broadley of Mountain Rangers received the cards in the course of a Caernarfon district league cup match against Penrhyndeudraeth.
He was sent off for stamping on an opponent in the course of a 64th minute brawl on the pitch as his side trailed 2-0.
Second red card he got by arguing with the referee,
The third by throwing water over the referee,
The fourth by confronting the same referee angrily in the clubhouse following the match.
This player has been banned to participate in football activities for 2 years.
Matatizo ya Ligi za Mchangani hayo, hakuna nidhamu kabisa!


wavuti-nukta77 said...

LOL na nilikuja hapa kusoma jinsi hizo kadi nyekundu zilivyopitiliza toka moja hadi kufikia nne. ha h aha ha.

Candy1 said...

Mmh...i thought it was only one this is funny

Fabio said...

I think it's a record!

chib said...

Interesting indeed.
I had never heard such fleet of cards to be given to one ....

John Mwaipopo said...

when you happen to officiate a mchangani match in bongo remember to have these items: a whistle, a pen and a notebook, the red and yellow cards and guess what? a gun or a knife

chib said...

@Mwaipopo, umesahau.. you should be a judo expert as well, but a gun!!! Bongo hasn't reach that stage!