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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Chile Hit By Strong Quake

Chile has been hit by massive 8.8 magnitude earth quake in the South Coast of the country. The after effect was observed in several cities.
This quake is much more stronger than that which hit Haiti this year.
Nearly 80 people has been reported to be killed and evacuation of people is still on the process at the Easter Island where it is expected that it may be hit by the generated Tsunami within a short time from now.

Probably more casualties might be reported later as still people are in great panic.

City of concepcion which is 115 km away from the epicenter has also been hit hard.
Santiago, the capital city of Chile was shaken violently for about 8 - 9 seconds leaving some damages to buildings, electricity was also affected and it went off.
Airports are temporarily closed.

There is a fear that Tsunami generated might affect New Zealand and Australia.
Photo: From Chile Television


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Anya said...

Sad story today
very touching :(
Thanks for sharing the reality!!

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