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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Duh!! I did not Realised This Mchoko

I am extremely busy, spending 3 - 4 hours in bed every day now for nearly a week.....and yet I cannot finish what I am supposed to finish!
I have been trying to think what should I share with you at this thoughtless moment!!
I am just blank!!!

For Swahili fans........

Have a lovely thursday Pals.
Dont immitate the gentleman above who has turn the smol hausi to be the shield at his own troubled marriage!!


Candy1 said...

looooooool!!!! doh!! inawezekana anapigwa na mkewe kila siku...kaona leo amlete mwingine amsaidie...haha i love this! pole na majukumu kaka! xx

Thom said...

It make me laugh!



Anonymous said...

Ha ha haaa.
Na kesho leta nyingine tena