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Friday, 26 February 2010

England Football Team in Tabloid Situation

Wayne Bridge has decided to pull out of England National Team squad for all tournaments including this year world cup in South Africa.

Wayne Bridge who is now playing with Manchester City, was a former team mate and very close friend of Chelsea's captain John Terry before Terry broke the bridge by having an affair with Wayne's former girl friend to whom they had a child.

This event made the England coach to denounce John Terry as England team captain probably to save the sinking ship.

It has been a disappointing news for Fabio. On his statement on thursday this week he said that he respects Wayne Bridge decision, but the door is still open for Bridge to re-join the team.
Other former England key players like Ian Wright also have expressed their shocking perception for Bridge's decision especially at this time where the world cup kick-off is about to start in 3 months time.

Another England key defender Ashley Cole, also has a problem with his marriage which now is heading towards divorce after Cole's extra-marrital affair. Cole is said to be devastated and try to resolve the problem and blames mother in law to whom she moved to their mansion about 2 years ago to be the cause of all these fracas.


tagskie said...
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Candy1 said...

ok personally I think now he is just being stupid! I thought it was "MOVING ON" time...and didn't he break up with the girl before we all knew about this? Anafanya vitu viwe vikuuuuubwa than they need to! unakataa kuwa kwenye timu for WORLD CUP?....SHAME!