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Sunday, 21 February 2010

I hate haters! P'se No

When I was reading websites and blogs, I came across this enlightening information about haters and how to live with them.

It is very useful to understand their characters, this wil ake your life much more easier and be happy
Read wavuti to get priceless sized but very useful information about haters

Probably ypu will never hate haters again, Because you will never want to be a hater too :-)

Enjoy your sunday


Anya said...

Thanks for write in English :-)

Great post and so the truth !!!!!!

Candy1 said...

seems like we had same ideas for this Sunday. Have a great week ahead kaka :-)

Fadhy Mtanga said...

I was reading Candy1's blog before coming to yours. Thank you so much for this encourageous post. I like it so.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pacha for linking me up on your blog, I appreciate.


But is it true that the humankind doesn't benefit also from haters?