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Monday, 1 June 2009

This area in Bremen reminds me the beauty of African forests.
Yesterday I was lost in the middle of the city, lucky enough I had a part of city map, but most people I ask them my way through to where I wanted to go, …wow, it was difficult for them to speak English, and I had to follow body language and the direction by which they were pointing rather than when they attempted to say go to the left while pointing to the right.
But eventually I manage to get back my way purely by ignoring their words, but respect the direction they pointed.


Anonymous said...

wenzenu wanajivunia lugha yao waongee English ya nini? Hao jamaa walitutawala enzi za mababu zetu hence wanajua swahili. Ni wewe tu uli-ignore ungewauliza kwa kiswahili ungeshangaa wanakuambia "nenda ukikuta mbuyu pinda kushoto utakutana na kijumba cha matope pinda kulia etc!!!!

chib said...

This comment has made my day!!