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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Boy of 5 years survived a plane Crash

A boy aged 5 years was rescued about 10 miles in Indian ocean following a Airline Yemenia airbus 310-300 crash near Moroni, Comoro today. The flight originated from Sana'a, a capital city of Yemen and was heading to Moroni, but due to bad weather. It is likely that this boy is the only survivor of the crash.
Approximate 50% passengers were of French nationals.

French aviation inspectors found a "number of faults" during a 2007 inspection of the plane that went down, French Transport Minister Dominique Bussereau said on i-Tele television Tuesday. He said the jet had not flown to France since.
An Airbus statement said the plane that crashed went into service 19 years ago, in 1990, and had accumulated 51,900 flight hours. It has been operated by Yemenia since 1999

But Yemen's transport minister said in May, the plane had comprehensive inspection carried out in Yemen ... with experts from Airbuswas thoroughly checked in May under Airbus supervision. "It was in line with international standards."

This is a second Airbus to crash in ocean for this month following Air France Airbus A330-200 that crashed into the Atlantic ocean killing 228 people on board on June 1.

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Anonymous said...

These Airlines needs to be really serious with peoples life's. Service 19 years ago?!!!