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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Successful stories

The head of our Vitreo-retinal training school, Bremen. Dr Lucke and his wife, they had a good memmory, as 40 years ago when they were still young, they touch the same statue and made their wishes. Well, I cannot say anything on their behalf...
It was the most enjoyable moment for all of us.


jaz said...

my daughter designed those shoes and had them made! it is so much fun to follow you on your trip! are you an eye doctor or training to be one? how long are you in bremen? i would ask about the food again but i am guessing that maybe you don't like german food? joyce

chib said...

Hi Joyce

I had made my comment on Germany food, is excellent, and I enjoy it most, I think I have put more pounds now.
Yes, I am consultant ophthalmologist, to be more precise, I am vitreo-retinal surgeon, currently I am on sharpening my skills on modern technology while sharing with my fellow from different countries in all continents, Bremen they have a famous school for this field, and are trying to put standard for retina surgery in Europe. See the photo below for the rest of my colleagues