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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Prague Historical castle

I had to pause to take a picture with traditional security guard of the Czech's presidential state house (Castle) before I enter in the casstle for historical tour.
That is at the main gate at the State house. The president's office is on the right wing when you enter through this gate.
My militia skills are still soundable despite being out of military service for nearly 20 years now!


jaz said...

haha.. have this same picture of me in that same place!

jaz said...

it sure looks like you had a good time in prague! have a safe trip home. joyce

Anonymous said...

I think I have to plan to visit Prague, this photo made me crazy.
Thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

Chib!! You were supposed to step on top of chair to be the same height as the soldier. Ha ha haaaaa.

chib said...

Ha ha haa, I was a little behind from him, that's why I look few inches shorter, but in fact I am a little taller than him!
Aye, it is a good time indeed.

Anonymous said...

Karibuni Prague wenyeji wanauita Praha, sasa ukiondoa P inabaki raha hehehehe.