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Friday, 19 June 2009

Hotel or Church?!

I took this photo in Prague, Czech. Some of my friends when they saw this photo, they thought the house at the background is a church, and they did not get the meaning of the "hotel" print-out. Some, they insist it is a hotel, many reasons were presented.

Is it a hotel or church? Any guess!


Thom said...

May be was a church or convent previously. I dont know!!

Yasinta Ngonyani said...

inawezekana ni kanisa ukiangalia huo msalaba na Yesu. Pi ni inawezakana ni hotel ya kidini masista au mapdre yaani wanaoendesha hiyo hotel.

kingfisher said...

I think it is a hotel. Generally religious institution has no comarcial symbol.
Do you know Prague spring? Chech was firm socialism country untill twenty years ago. Church activity was so weak at that time. Maybe recently,on the liberal economy system,this was refomed to a hotel.By the way ,above photo is very intersting.

Mzee wa Changamoto said...
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Mzee wa Changamoto said...

Mmhhh!! What do i see? Big cross infront of the building printed HOTEL. But what is Church? And where can it be? ANYWHERE. In school buildings and even in hotels.
So may be it's Hotel that is being used as a church in some days. But may be am wrong.
I tell you what, the way you see this problem is the problem

chib said...

Mzee wa Changamoto, I like the way you conclude!!
Got the meaning of your Your blog name's philosophy