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Monday, 29 June 2009

Silence for Honour of Mike - With a Light touch

When I asked a 6 years old boy to tell me what he thinks about this photo, he look thoughtfully and he gave me a surprise explanation.
"They are in one minute silence to remember Michael Jackson", This was his reply!
What do you think?!!
Photo from Dira yetu


Anonymous said...

kwi kwi kwii, that is a holy nap, nothing like honouring somebody, kwi kwi kwi

jaz said...

haha...funny picutre. it looks like some people were really bored!!! those pics today were pillows i made out of old jeans. the first pic is funny because it is made from the top of the pants! joyce


Hiyo Kali:-)

Born 2 Suffer said...

Wamependeza sana yani.