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Friday, 5 June 2009

Old is Gold

Key, is another major symbol of Bremen.
These are old chairs in the Old an important museum at market square


jaz said...

i am just settling in to watch the stanley cup playoffs!!! i am soooo enjoying touring bremen with you! how much longer are you there? joyce ps...did you watch obama's speech and what did you think?

jaz said...

i was just reading comments from other people. are you going to prague next? i have spent much time in that city and LOVE it. there is a tiny church just outside of prague that is amazing. the whole church is decorated with skulls and bones. the chandeliers are made of skulls and bones. it is unbelievable! if you go there ask at your hotel where it is and maybe you can see it. there is so much to see in prague. but watch out for the gypsies!!!


Unanitamanisha siku moja nije kutembelea Bremen naona wewe pamekukubali.

Yasinta Ngonyani said...

Naona unafaidi mambo mazuri nadhani niungana na kaka Simon kuja kutembelea huku Bremen.

chib said...

Ndugu zangu, nami sikutegemea kama kuna vivutio vingi hapa. Karibuni!!

Jaz, it is true, I am going to Prague today evening for a weekend tour. Many people here they say Prague is very exciting city. I will have a sleepless night, full of excitements!!

Faustine said...

Mtafute Claudi Ubaldi ukiwa Prague. Ukitaka namba yake nitumie email.