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Saturday, 11 September 2010

First Victims of Pastor Terry Jones

Even before Pastor Terry Jones' day for Koran burning arrived. It has been reported that three people were killed in Afghanistan on friday 10th October 2010.

The victims were shot dead at NATO base run by German troops in Afghanistan.

The shooting was provoked by the protestors' acts of stonning the NATO base in response to Pastor Jones announcement that he was planning to continue on the process of burning copies of the Holy Koran.

Pastor Jones, the founder of small church - Dove World Outreach Centre, in Gainesville, Florida, which has about 50 worshippers. He is insisting that the islamic cultural center and mosque scheduled to be built at ground zero at the former WTC should be re-located away from Ground zero, otherwise his plan to burn koran will continue.

Read here for more information.


kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...

let him do what he want to do! will that bring to an end of the Islam religion or any production of the book?

let him do what he want and others shall invest more in producing the Koran

thank u God for making me a religiousness person, a free one than CHIB!!!