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Monday, 3 August 2009

Overloading: Our Number One Enemy

Overloading of buses is the major cause of accidents and deaths. As it may cause sudden flat tyre or loss of center of gravity of a car resulting overturning.

Hill overloading is also not healthy, and actually is the major cause of health accidents and deaths.

So, watch out!!
Photos from Joseph Machele.


Fadhy Mtanga said...

The society isn't aware at all. All they know is to fulfill their needs, let it be habitation or transportation. They don't care about the risk of overloading.

Thom said...

Yes Fadhy I support you 100%
Suppose cholera erupts on the hill!!

Mzee wa Changamoto said...

I guess b'se ppl can't even guarantee themselves to see tomorrow, they feel that they better "make it today" no matter how much they risk their kesho.
It's all because of HOPELESS life. Why care about smoking that might kill me 10 years from now when i'm not sure if i'll see coming Christmas? And that's when "we live once" comes to play.
Who cares to know and those who are responsible don't care about educating others.

chib said...

Thoughtful people! I love your comments