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Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Oldest Pupil in the World Dies

Kimani Maruge (in his classroom) who made the world record for being oldest school pupil has died at Nairobi hospital at the age of 90 years last friday. He joined Kapkenduiywo Primary School in Langas, Eldoret, about 300 km (190 miles) west of the Kenyan capital Nairobi 7 years ago.

Last year ago he was diagnosed to have colon cancer. Before diagnosis of this disease he suffered post election violence by which almost all his belongings were destroyed and more than 10 people killed near his house. He, however narrowed escaped.

The reasons made him to join school was that he wanted to read the bible himself and also he did not trust calculations made on his pension, so he wanted to study mathematics as well to challenge the pension fund.

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zedmagel said...

Hi Chib,

A pity student, even 90 years old, he still try to get something new in his life. That good example for our young genaration.

Yasinta Ngonyani said...

Astarehe kwa amani peponi Amina.

Anonymous said...

Nilifikiri ya kuwa nimezeeka na siwezi kwenda tena shule, lakini kibabu alikuwa ananizidi miaka 50 na akawa shule ya msingi. Ninatafuta shule kwa nguvu sasa