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Friday, 14 August 2009

Brazil: Homicide to Boost Television Show!

TV presenter in Brazil Wallace Souza on photo above, is being investigated for allegedly running a ruthless death squad to boost his show's ratings.
He is accused of ordering murders before alerting TV crews to get to the scene before detectives.
The ex-policeman De Souza denied any role in that killing and explained how his reporters manage to get so quickly to crime scenes, using well-placed sources and constantly monitoring scanners for police radio dispatches. However, one of ex-policeman confessed that he had been paid by Wallace sources to conduct murders.
This week his 25-year-old son Rafael was under arrest charged with homicide, drug trafficking and illegal gun possession.
Under Brazilian law Souza cannot be arrested because he is a politician, but state judicial authorities are to meet to decide whether the case goes ahead.
Souza's show, Canal Livre, has been running on a channel in Sao Paulo for 20 years now


jaz said...

wow...unreal!!! you can't be arrested in brazil if you are a politian? i bet politicians created that law!!! i think every politician in my town should move to brazil fast!

Dede said...

Can't be arrested if they are a politician? Wow, learn something new everyday.

chib said...

I was shocked too to learn that.... politician = no arrest!