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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

World Cup 2010: 100 Days Countdown

South Africa has started 100 days count down today before the first ever World cup tournament in Africa.

President of FIFA Sepp Blatter has confirmed that South Africa is ready for the tournament after his visit to 10 stadiums that will hold the World Cup this year.

Almost all necessary work has been done except two stadiums which will be finished on time.
So far, 76% of the tickets has been sold, and as the countdown going towards the day, the presuure for getting ticket will explode.

Many football fans from Africa are intending to travel to South Africa for the tournament.

In my company, applications for annual leaves are already in pipelines, which will allow people to travel to South Africa to be part of the history.

My comrade Faustine has already bought mikeka na vuvuzela for people to sleep on vibaraza to make the history. Lakini .... lazima uwe na kashoka kibindoni ikitokea mkavamiwa au mtafaruku mwingine :-)


John Mwaipopo said...
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John Mwaipopo said...

what is the name of that headgear popularly used by footbal addicts in south africa? i will buy you one and faustine one so that i could watch you as you blow your vuvuzelas profusely. time is about to come when being sent on errands is replied by world-class insults. beba na kumbeo, unaifahamu?

John Mwaipopo said...

na miwani mikubwa pia. but sikununulii myekundu mie yanga

chib said...

The head stuff... Forgot the name, I know it, but name arrrggghhhh!
Nikitamka ushabiki wa Yanga na Simba, Kaka Fadhy atablow kwa hasira, maana yeye ni mnyama damuuuuu.
Mimi nitatafuta miwani yenye rangi za upinde wa mvua :-)

Faustine said...

......Will be there to be part of the history........