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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

She want to be The Fattest Woman Ever Seen in This World!!

Donna Simpson on above and below pictures, she is striving hard to hold Guiness Book of world records as the fattest woman ever seen in this world!!!!
By now she weighs 600 pounds.
She can eat about 25 pizzas in one meal or other food. She spends about $ 750 a week on food to keep her body growing.
By now she can hardly walk, she has to use special motorised devise - Bariatric scooter to move around and doing her shopping.

Simpson is trying to beat Leanne Salt (pictured below) record, however they differ in terms of the cause of increased body weight. While simpson eat deliberately fattening food, Leanne, she is suffering from medical condition called hypothyroidism.
Leane Salt who gave birth to triplets following caesaren section to whom her operation was assisted by 68 medics team

The staff needed for the birth included
  • 5 nurse midwives,
  • 4 surgeons
  • 12 neonatal consultants, registrars and nurses.
    4 anaesthetists were needed to administer an epidural to numb the lower half of her body because a general anaesthetic could have killed her.
    2 gynaecology oncologists were on hand for their skills in life-or-death surgery, even though there was no suggestion of cancer.
    And the delivery couldn't take place until SIX workshop specialists had built a special operating table reinforced with steel rods to support Leanne's enormous body.
Photo: Leanne at the age of 10 years
Leane Salt who started to put on weight in her teen due to hypotyhroidism has separated from her boy friend following a battle for loosing weight after delivery.
Watu wengine bwana, mh!!!


Crissant said...

Oh god!!!!
Well, if she feels like happy...

chib said...

@ Crissant :-)

EDNA said...

I think she is mentaly sick, and she want World attention...Watu wengine wanauogopa unene yeye anauabudu.

Anya said...


I'm happy to be thin ...... :-)
I don't like it !!!

But if she wants it :-)
Nice for her !!!

Anonymous said...

She need deep counselling my dear!

Candy1 said...

eeeeerm...ok...good luck....mmmmmmh.....there must be something behind that...u won't just wanna be fat for Guiness World Record


Kazi ipo!

kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...

@chib, seduce her

chib said...

@ Kamala, why not you?!!
Kwangu umenoa!!

Anonymous said...

Ahaa, huyo jimama ana hamu ya kufakamia misosi tu, asijifanye anataka kuvunja rekodi ya dunia. Vinginevyo ana ugonjwa ule wa kupenda kula sana.
Aende kuonana na mtalamu wa afya haraka sana

John Mwaipopo said...

dunia duara

Thom said...

We people, we are different.
May be she is happy to be that way.
Thanks... my BMI is 19 and I love it.

Anonymous said...

Mh :-o
Matatizo ya nini, misifa ya kuwa bonge na gonjwa.
Watu wana pesa za kuchezea