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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Headache is a Headache

People with headache they usually do not know the cause of their headaches

when they go to see a doctor, they are told so many things which can cause headache, when they enquire in order to understand more about the type of their headaches, Doctors give them more headache by confusing them, because they also do not know exactly what causes their patients' headaches!!!

You will also see the Doctors developed a headache when they think hard about other people's headaches!!!.

Now what is this......

If you dont sleep well you get headache

If you are ill, you get a headache
if you are hungry or angry, headache

If I loose your valuable or you are broke, you get a headache

If your car get knocked, you get a headache

If your lover abandon you, a headache

If you are preparing for examination, you get a headache
If people make noises at the top of your tolerance, headache
If you think about loosing your parliamentary constituency, a headache
Boosing too much, next mornng a headache
If you are very rich, er... headache plus no happiness
Ukidaiwa, , headache

Why not tooth ache, hair ache, nail ache.


Fadhy Mtanga said...

But when you go down your grave, no more headaches!

Anonymous said...

True Bro Fadhy! Thoughtful

Anonymous said...

True Bro Fadhy! Very thoughtful!

kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...

may be down the grave there is body-aches since insects are performing well to feed their stomachs

as a doctor, your are now jobless since you first showed disqualification by getting headaches when thinking about other peoples' headaches but you have as well told your customers a.k.a patients the source of their bad faces

moreover, what kind of life do the doctors lead??? they always meet complaining fellow/ usiniulize wafanyao kazi katika wodi za vichaa

Halil Mnzava said...

Unapoenda kule wanakoita "VCT" kucheki afya headache pia.Duh kazi kweli!

chib said...

@ kamala... It is a headache too, even reading your scripts is a headache :-)

@Fadhy, the one going to the grave will leave a headache to the survivors


Now I 've got headache by just thinking about this topic .:-)

Upepo Mwanana said...

Simon :-)