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Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Just imagine you are the driver of this car, where will you decide to go first? .... Is it possible.... are you going to stop??
This is the world we are living in, our personal interests gives us no direction to go.
No collective and sequential decisions. And then ... we all blame the driver!
Just give yourself a thought for some days, and do evaluation by yourself and asks yourself whether you are the driver, passenger or the vehicle!
Ndugu zangu, uchaguzi wa wenyenchi unakuja, je, wewe mwananchi ni abiria, dereva au chombo cha kuwabeba hao abiria na dereva. Nina imani mahali popote tulipo, tunaweza kuboresha hali hiyo. tafakari wiki hii yote , halafu weekend pata....... uburudike na kuondoa machungu yote!


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

We live in a very individualistic society, dear Chib, at least here in Europe, I have no idea that the trip should be chosen with a fixed destination, otherwise after a short time, many heads, many ideas, there would be a great controversy between the people on the middle.

I'm glad you enjoyed the carnival in London, Notting Hill has always been his charm.

Good day to you,



Natafakari bado!:-(