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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Honduras: This is a Joke now!

Honduras’s deposed President Manuel Zelaya on his efforts to regain office he manages to slip in into the Honduras and taking shelter in the Brazilian Embassy.

The interim government has asked Brazilian embassy to handle him to them so that he can be charged from frauds he made.

I think this is a drama show by which the current Honduran government is trying to. They are the one who deposed him to Costa Rica after forcefully remove him from the power, now they are coming with accusations that he has case to answer. My question is.... why did they deposed him in the first instance! And why did they denies him entry when he attempted to go back!!

Hayo ndio mambo ya Dunia.


Yasinta Ngonyani said...

Ni kweli duniani kuna mambo:-)

Candy1 said...

Makubwa...kazi kweli kweli...nitamaliza maneno yote ila maana ndio hiyo


Kazi kweli kweli!