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Thursday, 7 May 2009

To get a Baby from a Dead Male Partner

Gissela Marrero at the centre in black. Last month she was given a grant by a New York court to harvest sperms from her fiance who died due heart disease. She had one child with her fiance, and they were planning to have the second. But infortunately he died before they succeeded.

The family of her fiance gave her a full support on this matter, and decision to gave her rights of harvest was concluded just 4 hours before the recomended time for viable harvesting which was stated to be 72 hours after death. Clich here to read more.

But, the sad news came later, it was said that the amount of harvested semen was not sufficient for artificial insemination, therefore she cannot have the second child from her dead fiance.

In 2005, there was a similar case by which a woman in Australia won a 7 year court battle allowing her to use her dead husband's sperm in order to get pregnant. He was killed in a car crash and she originally won a court order to extract his sperm the day after he was killed.

The question rose at that time was it ethical? Is it right to take sperm from a dead man without his consent?

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