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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rwanda: Presidential motorcades

In most countries Presidential motorcades often disrupts traffic flow, and sometimes involves several fleets of cars moving at very high speed.

In Rwanda is different, it simply involves around 5 cars, and there are no unnecessary road blocks like that one done in Bongo where you can be blocked for more than 30 minutes.

Last Sunday while I was enjoying the walk on the beautiful sun, I met the presidential motorcade at a speed of around 40km/hr, to my surprise I saw the president himself behind the wheel! (Self-driving). This justifies how safe Rwanda is by now.

I will be glad to see Kibaki, Museveni and JK doing the same.


jaz said...

amazing! i am not quite sure where you are? south africa? my husband spent a lot of time there. joyce

chib said...

Hi Jaz, I am in Rwanda, at the heart of Africa.
The area in South Africa where I enjoy most was in Drakensberg. The table mountains were so amazing!