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Monday, 4 May 2009

Swings of Swine Flu

Photo: Joe Machele, Mexico

Reaction to swine flu has taken different waves in different countries.

Official reports says that the situation is easing as incidences are going down, but schools are still closed.

For those with any type of flu especially if you arrive from Mexico, you are guaranteed an Intense quarantine in special hotels, If you carry a Mexican passport you are likely to be quarantined whether you are coming from Mexico or not.

Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari thinks that this is a man made spread to boost pharmaceutical industries as they wonder why pig are not affected as compared to human beings

Egyptian government has ordered massive pigs culling which are about 300,000, the whole exercise is expected to be over after 1 month. They met a stiff resistance from pig breeders. The breeders argue logically that it is impossible for pigs to come from Mexico to Egypt to infect their pigs, and it will be crazy an infected person to go to the pig to infect them. After all there is no any case of pig or human being has been reported in Egypt

Warns that strong measures have to be in place, easing of incidence cannot be taken into grant that the saga has just ended. And slaughtering of pigs will not change the current situation.

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