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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Trip Advisor: Dirtiest Hotels in Europe

Some of the hotels were picked as dirtiest in Europe as reported by travellers to Trip advisor network

  1. Club Aqua Gumbet, Turkey - Here they reported that whenever there is a rain, sewarage water floods the pool
  2. Altin Orfe Hotel, Icmeler, Turkey - Complaints were related to air condition systeme to drip water over the bed!
  3. Cromwell Crown Hotel, London, UK - Carpets dusts the legs whenever you walk over them
  4. Corbigoe Hotel, London, UK - Filthy stained walls!
  5. Park Hotel, London, UK - Bed bugs crawling over the bed
  6. Hotel de Lantaerne, Amsterdam, Nerherlands - Unsuitable for human!!

Other hotels were regarded as dirty due to multiple spotted bed sheets, freely moving mice in every room, stinky rooms like wet animals etc

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