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Thursday, 24 March 2011

9 Years old Turned to be a Hero

Anaiah on the wheel chair above, some few weeks ago she turned to be a hero by saving life her younger sister Camry by pushing her away out of impending car crash unto them, and let herself being hit!
She knew that her sister will not run fast away from the rushing truck, in her quick mind she saw the best way was to gear the speed of her sister by a pushing her away from the accident stream!

Well.... it is unfortunate, that she lost one of her leg and a kidney, also injured spleen and long way for rehabilitation. But she is still alive!

Read more to see this "shujaa"


emu-three said...

Kweli huyo ni shujaa, na mungu atamlipa saana!

Malkiory Matiya said...

Ni binadamu wachache wenye roho ya aina yake. Hii ni fundisho tosha kwa watu tulio na roho ya umimi.