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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Did I experience the Japan Quake Effects in Africa

Japan Quake disaster has triggered multiple problems
  • Huge devastation following sweeping of houses, property and lives
  • Poor weather condition at this time of season where the temperature especially at night is freezing. Forecast has shown that by wednesday the highest temperature will be 5'C and lowest being 0'C.
  • There is greater shortage of water and food, some people have reported that now feeds on only juice as the "full meal". Many shops and supermarkets are closed.
  • Nuclear plant is in danger of explosion, as the first nuclear reactor exploded yesterday releasing some few dangerous radioactive materials in the surrounding, by which nuclear specialist have concluded that they are not really harmful to the body, but advised people to be evacuated at least 20 km away within the radius of the nuclear plant!
  • Numerous people are missing. Rescue teams uncover many dead bodies than rescuing stranded victims.

Unpredictable events
  • An old man was rescued 18 km offshore after suffering two days alone in cold without food. He was found on top of his house's roof.
  • Cars were found in the corridors of houses
  • Boats and ferry were found clugged several kilometres within the mainland.
  • Miraculous stories as how people survived the Tsunami hit.

On my side:, on friday morning (at +2 GMT) while I was outside my house preparing to go to work, I had a feeling as if I am gonna fall, the feeling which I usually get when I am in the the train or bus, and then the train/bus starts moving while I am standing without any support. I had to hold my hand on wall, as I thought I had some kind of imbalance which I could not explain.
Later I heard that there was Tsunami in Japan, and while noting the time when the quake hit Japan, I realised that it was almost close to the time I had that feeling at +2 GMT location, right in the mid or heart of Africa. I am not sure whether this was just a coincidence from, or in fact, there was a kind of global movement which by chance I happen to get its feeling.

My condolences to all families who have lost their love ones from this disastrous Quake in Japan.

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kamala Lutatinisibwa Lutabasibwa said...

I wish u had a trip to Japan and tsunami happened as u were landing

kuna kisiwa huko kinaitwa UKE-moto