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Friday, 30 April 2010

This is Beyond Reality!!

These refugees from Burundi also nicknamed as babies factory … are allocated in one of refugees camps in Tanzania.

The camp was able to take care of 60,000 refugees being on the maximum side, and that was a population in the camp a couple of months ago.

Now … it is very interesting or astonishing information depends on where you look at…
The statistics have shown that every month, there are 200 newborns! Just from that population of 60,000 which includes men, women and children.

If you do analytical studies, you will realise that their birth rate is 40,000 per million population per year which is the highest if you consider focal statistics. In another way, this population of refugees in one camp has a population growth of 4% every year.

I am afraid to say, it may be possible for one woman to have two newborns in one year if the first is born in January, we may see another come in December!!!!!

Labda ni nchi ya ahadi na mahali pa kuongeza idadi yao...

Do you have any suggestion for them?


Anya said...

Hi Chib
You have a very touching story today .... OMG two baby's a year.
I will think about a answer ;)
Thanks for telling us the true!!!

Enjoy your day

Fadhy Mtanga said...

Brotha Chib...this is too much.
They're struggling their level best to fill the world.

Anonymous said...