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Friday, 4 December 2009

What's is eating Somalia?

The above small fishing boat, can carry more than 120 passengers to Yemen

Yesterday.... innocent people including students were killed in Somalia for stupid reasons
It is a very sad incidence.

Piracy, is still a major problem from Somali people.

Many poor people from Somalia, they run away from their country to the neighbouring countries, including Yemen as refugees.

I managed to see a video, which was shot by a french guy who travelled with the human smugglers from Somalia to Yemen in very compacted boats, the crews, almost throughout the journey ..... they whipped their passengers for .... to calm them, it is funny... doing psychological disturbance, any yet they swindle them around 50 - 100 USD. At times, they may throw some passengers into the sea if they cant add more money in the boat, which was out of negotiations, those who are thrown into the sea, of course they have to face death.
Anybody boarding these boats, signs a warrant of death, I mean theoretical, and they know that.

In the past, one of my friends went there for medical camps, chaotic queue was out of control, many clients came in were oldies, women and children. The host went inside and came out with a gun, and fire into the air, then everybody went on line!!

Is this madness or what......

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