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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

British Executed in China Over Drugs Charges

China block all ears from international trumpets and carry on execution of Briton Akmal Shaik by letahal injection. Shaik was charged for drug smuggling in China.

There were so many tales and the executed guy was reported by some of his relatives that he was mentally unstable, however there were no clear medical records in relation to this claims.

Gordon Brown fought to save his soul, but all his efforts ended in futile......

I am puzzled by decision of China authorities to keep his death a top secret to Mr Akmal Shaik until the last 24 hours before his due time for execution!

I also think, that he should have been given a thoroughly medical examination before carrying such a horrible life penalty. I do believe people who use addicted drugs, they have a degree of mental illness. He should have been given the benefit of doubt chance to save his life, and given appropriate drug business recovery.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi chib! glad to see you are back. i missed you for a while there! joyce

Candy1 said...

huyu bwana, ukweli anaujua mwenyewe...kuhusu mzigo alioubeba, alienda China kufanya nini na kadhalika. Ni huzuni mtu kuuliwa hivi ila I am still puzzled coz we don't know the truth

zedmagel said...

Hi Chib,

They take a good action, at the right person to do wrong

Anya said...

Have a very wonderful healthy and happy 2010 :-)