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Thursday, 31 December 2009

I like This .... Burglary of 2009

2 days ago 2 burglers went to steal money from ATM machine in Sothern Belgium, and they use dynamites which were too strong and get themselves killed after thunderous explosion. One body was recovered immediately, while the other was found nearly 12 hours after incidence. Initially he was predicted that he cheated death.

Nov 2009, a thief in Portugal was trapped halfway through a small window on supermarket for nearly 11 hours when his trousers got stuck. He later managed to free himself but leaving behind a hooked trousers. He was arrested immediately after he hooked out himself.

In october 2009 2 youngsters in USA attempted robbery while masked their faces by drawing their faces with permanent ink by which they resemble as if they had beards, moustache and mask. A passer by noted them and inform the police including the type of car they were driving. They were arrested shortly.
In November, A robber in Birmingham was caught within a few minutes after robbing the security guard who was safeguarding the money on transit and run into his own house on the same street where he was spotted openly.
Oct 2009 in Rome, a burgler was caught after entering the house and robb the money and jewellery items, he found that the computer was still on, he did logging onto the facebook, because the house owner doesnt use facebook, he realised that the last user must be a robber. Therefore was tracked down and arrested within a short time, all the money and jewellery were recovered
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