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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

World's Youngest Mother in Our Records

Photo above is Dr Geraldo Lozado, Lina Medina and her son Gerardo

Probably this is the most conflicting information....

Reality has to be reality. 5 years old peruvian child, Lina Medina was declared to the youngest mother in the world. She delivered a baby boy by caesarean section on 14 th May 1939 at Pisco Hospital. The boy was named Gerardo after the attending doctor.

Her parents noted that her tummy was increasing and thought probably was an abdominal tumour. She was sent to the doctor and was confirmed to be pregnant!

The father of Lina was jailed for short time in relation to Lina's pregnancy but was released later due to lack of evidence.
Interestingly, Lina was said to have normal and regular periods since the age of 3 years which disapper nearly 8 months before was discovered to be nearly full term pregnant.

Her ovarian biopsy taken during caesarean section was tested in

Her son Gerardo, came to realise that Lina was his mother when he was 10 years old, initially he thought Lina was his sister.

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Yasinta Ngonyani said...

Kazi ipo duniani hapo Duh!

Dede said...

This is an incredible story. That is truly a baby having a baby.


John Mwaipopo said...

dunia duara. kuwa uyaone, manini? sio maghorofa bali mambo kama haya. ulimwenguni kuna malimwengu.



chib said...

@ John :-)

Bwaya said...

Sasa kitoto cha miaka mitano hata hakijabalehe ndugu zangu? Haya mambo mara nyingine mie huona kama ya kutengeneza flani hivi!

Nadhani ndio maana hata wazazi walidhani ana uvimbe wa tumboni. Makubwa!

Candy1 said...

5 year old mother?????? period at 3?????????????????? what in the world???

Anonymous said...

Yote ni maajabu kabisa. But who is the actual father of the Gearardo!!!!
Unfortunately Gerardo died in 1970s, DNA could have been tested by now. Inashangaza

Anonymous said...

This probably will follow me for a long time to think about.