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Thursday, 21 January 2010

USA: Made the Haiti Quake?!

I receive a circulating email, probably originate from one of Middle East countries claiming that the Haiti quake is a man made activities.

They accuse USA to be behind it. They further claim that this was one of the major failure in weapon testing which was intended to attack Iran!

They gave a lot of evidences regarding some previous quakes which were man-made, they further claims that those man made quakes caused serious disasters!

If you are interested in controversies read this article here


EDNA said...

Kama ni kweli Marekani imesababisha watu wasio na hatia kupoteza maisha,then America should pay for this.

ρομπερτ said...

Living in a country with various earthquakes throughout the year, i wonder who might be behind that?
Yet, am glad, that one might remain able to believe that there are still things left, mankind can't control.
Please have a wonderful Friday. And thank you for sharing this "information" - wondering what life has become...

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi the US can cause earthquakes i wonder why they haven't earthquaked bin laden? hehe!


I knew somekind of conspiracy theory will come out of this.

But I still think ''The pact with the devil conspiracy theory´´ in which some believe the slaves in Haiti got their freedom with a little help from the devil that is why nothing works there + plenty of disasters , -is the one I think the media loves the most right now.

chib said...

I was puzzled.... when I read that article on Critic magazine. I just ended up with a smile.
There are some people they like very much controversial issues.

chib said...
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