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Friday, 20 November 2009

When Football Turns Into Political Arena

Photo above: Chaotic ticket selling at Egyptian embassy in Khartoum
The match between Algeria and Egypt in Sudan to decide which team should qualify for FIFA world cup in South Africa 2010 has turn to be a political arena after Algerian side won the match.

It was reported that some Egyptian fans were beaten in Sudan which President Hosni Mubarak was angered by this fracas and ordered his ambassador to Algeria to come back home, at the same time Sudan was blamed for not protecting Egyptian fans adequately where Sudan government reacted ironically by saying Egyptian government is not fair as Sudan was given short notes to get prepared for the replay match, and that there were more than 25,000 Egyptian fans who went in Sudan to watch that match.

Meanwhile, FIFA has said will open disciplinary charges against Egyptian football association for indiscent behaviour to Algerian team in which occured in Egypt, when Algerian team arrived, which affected Algerian players where some of them were hurt.

At the same time, Irish head of state has also complained to FIFA and requests the match between France and Ireland to be replayed following Thiery Henry's "frog hand" which touched the ball before giving a swift pass to Gallas who scored the goal that lifted France to World cup in South Africa.
However, FIFA has rejected this request saying that FIFA regulations are clear, and referee decision is final.


Upepo Mwanana said...

Mkuu blog yako ni nzuri sana, nimefurahi kupitia hapa tena.
Karibu kwangu, mie bado naanza anza.
Mkono wa Henry umeacha historia

Yasinta Ngonyani said...

kila la kheri mimi si mpenzi sana wa mpira:-)


Kazi ipo!

Mzee wa Changamoto said...

Niliisikia hiyo jana ambapo wamemuita BALOZI mpaka mambo yatakapojadiliwa. Lakini nasikia na wao "waliwatungua" wa-Algeria kwa mawe walipokwenda kwenye mechi ya kwanza.
Lakini ndio machungu ya kupoteza mechi hayo.

Candy1 said...

Nadhani it is time for FIFA to consider TECHNOLOGY if refa hana uhakika...we r all can't possibly think you can see hao Misri wamevurunda!!! Wikiendi njema kaka

Dante said...

hi my friend nice blog hahaha

Halil Mnzava said...

Oh,pamoja na hilo goli la mkono nimefurahi ufaransa kupata nafasi!!

mdoti Com-kom said...

Is time we learn to be wise! Let not them mark africans wrongly. Nice tym

John Mwaipopo said...

if i were president of france i would have awarded thiery henry an order of merit. he did what in some circles we call 'utu uzima dawa'. upon seeing their boat was sinking, henry did the unthinkable unexpectedly. that is what a pilot or captain would do upon seeing any danger. what else do we think was the best thing an experienced striker would do. see his side failing and falling? hapana. to me henry was a hero and shall remain as such.