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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Nani Bora!

Namshukuru mdau aliyenitumia hii kumbukumbu

Bofya picha kuona vizuri.


Anonymous said...

actually that is what we have been bestowed upon for a president. laughing both outwardly and inwardly. at the beginning i thought kenuaring was just a disguise that has nothing to do with firmness and strength in dealing with issues. who doesn't know how he laughs with the likes of lowassa and rostam aziz.

being soft is a characteristic purely of the people of the coast. they are also hypocrites; they want to look humble to both parties. look now the mafisadi say he is on their side (refer to minister sophia simba)and the commanders of ufidadi think he is on their boat. we have a long way to go; 6 years!

Fadhy Mtanga said...

Inafikirisha sana.



Candy1 said...

He is handsome...isn't he?